[Introduction] A Cat On The Roof

Somewhere in this earth, there is living a cute little cat. As the other cat, she's living in solitary. But sometimes she stops to greet other cats and to gather some important information. Such things like which restaurant have the most delicious leftover in their garbage. Or which small cafe owned by a very kind man or woman like to provide food for any cat who sneaking into their kitchen.

Whenever she says "Hello," to other bigger cats, she always gets the same reply, "Ah, hello Lil' Kitty. Seems that you're getting smaller day by day." Then they will laugh at her loudly.

"What's so wrong with being small?!" One night she growls alone on the top roof of an old school building.

She wonders why all cats she knows are always looking her down just because her mini-size. No matter how better she is, compared to those fatties. She can catch mice faster, she can jump higher (thanks to her light-weigh), and she can fight much better. Those are the most important things of being a cat. The qualities all cats should have.

Since when size becomes a matter in the world of cat??? Maybe cats are starting to be influenced by humans, who are always think about physical appearance first.

"Why are you upset, Lil' Cat?" a soft voice kindly greet her.

The Little Cat sees around in surprise. But nobody is with her in that place.

"I'm here." the voice says again. Then The Little Cat sees above and finds that the moon is smiling to her.


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