Stop Becoming An Arrogant Stupid-Genius!!!

I lately browse one blog of a movie maker I adore. I love his movies. I love the actors he cast (give no shit attention to the actress). So when my friends post the link of his blog, I went Dora Explorer (HE'S BLOGGING HE'S BLOGGING HORRAY!). Facebook is not that bad right? LOL

(Nothing excessive is good anyway)

I browsed most of his posts. From the earliest till the latest. I enjoy his writing of course. Mostly are simply hilarious. I laugh out loud in front of my magic box till my father came questioning what the hell happen (and why the hell I didn't write my Thessa. Sigh). If I thought that Raditya Dika is the funniest writer in Indonesia, this guy is definitely the hardest competitor I bet. I love his sense of humor and the way he express them in details. 

He doesn't need to make the fonts colorful and post pictures to make his post interesting. Ugh. Honestly, after reading his posts, I decide to make my posts here back to English. Tee hee hee...

But then I noticed something wrong. Many people posted their comments there. Some acted as if they are best buddies with this guy. But...none of the comments were replied! 

I know he is a busy person. But if he could spare some times to keep creating new posts, why couldn't he spare times to reply the comments? Why didn't he give appreciation to people who already appreciated him?

It's not like I will stop adoring his movies. I just hold my right point finger to press the button "post your comments here".

Oh yeah, but I link his blog here, though he won't link my blog there. LOL

Porn Lovers Are Brainy?

I just remember one post by Pak Heri, the supervisor of FLP Malang. He said, "One of the public figures' "disease" is they think they could say anything to public. They could throw some sophisticated opinion and lead public into confusing mental state."

I feel a bit disappointed when I found he wrote sooo...many about how he worship porn. Yep. That porn. It's not that I'm a moralist. But as a girl...euwww...

I maybe could accept more if he says he is atheist already.

I talk about this to my friend who also love his blog after I gave her the link. She said since he is liberalist, we don't need to create a fuss about it. In fact he has creative side and that is the thing we should learn from him. "A bad boy with brain is cool," she said while adding effect "hammering her own head" on her comment.

I'm just feeling annoyed with two things:

First. Though many scientific journals said that watching porn will make you dumber (the effect is just the same as when you're addicted to narcotic), but the facts some smart people are watching porn regularly. Does it mean that those scientists are totally mistaken? Or maybe we should ask whether they watch porn too LOL.

However, I've got some stories tell about an alim lost their Qur'an memorization after seeing aurat of certain woman unintentionally.

Let's say that... well... he maybe still brainy in certain case. But in other case? Who will care? He's a public figure anyway. He has produced movies which got tons of awards anyway. People who never watch porn could not just easily get the same achievement. LOL. And when those commenters said to him that they are agree ( girls are agree of course) it cracked my nerve. 

Second, the fact that certain people could  say vulgarly about their "dark-side" without losing their integrity (and virginity? LOL) and cool side annoyed me more.

Oh yeah, what we can learn from a person that goes naked in supermarket just because his twitters are followed by more than 3000 people? Is he brainy? Relative. Is he crazy? Absolutely

Now I realize by reading his posts  that addicted to porn will shrink your brain into the state above.

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