Otaku's Talks: Love Hyena and Tuxedo Kamen

#1 Love Hyena

One beautiful day, two otakus decided to spend their beautiful day, talking about their interests.

A: What's your favorite?
B: Manga? Hmm... I like Love Hyena, I think.

A: (silence for a moment) Oh... Love Hina, isn't it? You've got such a taste, Bro! Haha! I love it too...

B: No! It's not Love Hina. It's LOVE HYENA!
A: (awkward) Umh...sure you don't misspell it, Bro? I believe what you mean is Love Hina!
B: (keep stubborn) NO! It's Love Hyena!
A: Eeto... OK (can't imagine what kind of manga it is. Maybe a manga version of National Geography???)

#2 Newest Kamen Rider???

One beautiful day, A, an otaku, was spending his beautiful day by reading a tokusatsu magazine. Then B, his friend, an otaku too, came over him. 

B: Hey, I like kamen rider too...
A: Really? Which one is your fave?
B: The legendary one, Bro. It is... TUXEDO KAMEN!
A: Ja... mata atta ne... (leaving B)

Entah kenapa tiba-tiba Neko jadi punya ide humor geje beginian. Ah ya sudahlah...
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