The Ultimate fanfic created by a Cassiopeia: Epick High: “Happy Feet SM Town Ver.” CHAPITRE 3-1

Chapitre III: Secret Code (1)
(The Day When I Found the Secret Chamber)

Mumble found that her parents weren’t at home. Probably they were gathering with other elves at the Temple of Cassiopeia, preparing for one of the most important events for the elves, The Summer Feast. That situation would be perfect for Mumble, nobody would catch her doing her plan. She sneaked in after made sure that nobody was around her. She closed and locked the door immediately. Then he went to her parents’ bedroom. Mumble huffed, somehow she felt so ridiculous to sneak in her own home like a thief. She started to examine the entire room. Mumble opened all cupboards, pulled and fumbled the drawers. Indeed she was like a real thief now.

“Forgive me Mom… Dad…” she sighed.

Mumble’s memory replayed the moment back then in the forest. When those mysterious guys, Zhoumi and his brother, Henry Lau, was telling her that they were looking for a Goddess that could make all dreams come true.

“So you’re looking for a Goddess? Mumble frowned. “Never heard something like that.” she shook her head surely. “If she does really exist, this place would be full of people coming here to ask their wishes. Besides, we only believe in the Gods of Cassiopeia. The Elders said that we had to give our hard effort before the Gods accepting our wishes…”

Zhoumi and Henry smiled to her. “Yes she really exists. Maybe she has been forgotten but yes, she’s there, in the deeper part of this forest.”

Mumble started feeling doubt, “But…” she tried to look for the exact sentence, “…this deep forest is actually forbidden for everyone. So, the thing that you believe as a Goddess might be something not good…”

Mumble's mind back to the present time. “This is not good!” Mumble said to her self. “Oh my God! What am I doing?” She stopped examining her parents’ drawers, rubbed her face with her hands. In usual condition, she wouldn’t ever dare to touch her parents’ property. Mumble was taught to respect others' privacy, especially her parents'. She imagined of her parents anger if they found her impudence. 

But then she remembered what happened next when she was with those mysterious wanderers.
“What kind of wish do you have that makes you come here, while you said that your home was faraway from here?” Mumble asked.

Zhoumi turned his head to Henry Lau. The younger one nodded then called for somebody else. “It’s Ok to come out now.” said the string guy to whoever he called. “You’ll be saved. She is not a bad person.” Henry’s words made Mumble frowned as she heard it.

Then from the back of the big trees, there came out a figure. It was smaller compared to Zhoumi and Henry, but it seemed had the same height as Mumble’s. That young elf couldn’t guess whether it was a woman or man, because the figure’s head was covered by a gray cloak, just like the one Zhoumi wore. Suddenly the figure stumbled by a root of the tree and fell to the ground. Hearing the sound “Aaah” came out from the figure’s mouth, then finally Mumble knew that it was a girl.

Henry Lau helped her to stand. Mumble frowned, “Of course you cannot see your way! Why do you wear that disturbing hood anyway?” A moment later Mumble regretted her rudeness as that girl opened the hood, revealing her face. 

Taeyon here plays role as the younger sister of Zhoumi and Henry Lau. But she will have more important role in the future ;-) I'm sorry if I edited her beautiful face here. But this is for the story. I'll sketch her next time =)

“You!” Mumble stuttered. Her eyes widened as she saw the girl’s scaly left cheek. The color of green-purple scale reminded her to the color of rotten fruit. It was so contrast to the girl’s pale face. Mumble never knew there was such a skin disease like that.

“I’m so…sorry…” Mumble stuttered.

“So you know that her style has no relationship with fashion stuff at all.” snarled Zhoumi. He threw a stabbing sight to Mumble. His attitude turned drastically, from friendly to cynical.

“Brother…enough…” Henry tried to stop the awkward situation.

The girl put on her hood again and turned her face to another side, adding guilty feel in Mumble’s heart. What a poor girl, if she had none of those disgusting scales, actually her beauty would be perfect…

“Mumble, this is our little sister, Taeyon.” Henry pat the girl’s shoulders. “She was cursed by a wicked witch. Only the Goddess could remove the curse. That’s why we came here…” Henry’s expression turned gloomy.

“I will help you!” said Mumble eagerly. “I’ll show you the way of this forest!” She had to do something to pay her humiliating mistake.

Mumble sighed. “So Mother, Father, please forgive me. Believe me, what I’ve done here is for a good sake.”

Too busy playing with her mind, Mumble felt a bit dizzy and tired. When she leaned on the wall she felt something hard and blunt pricked her back. She jerked, her feet slipped, caused her to hit that thing harder with her back.

She grinned in pain. Mumble rested with her elbow so she wouldn’t fall to the floor. She turned her head and realized that the thing had just troubled her was a white statue. That was the statue of Maxima, one of the Five Gods of Cassiopeia, the God of Strength. The height was 6 feet; it was so tall compared to most elves. The hands of the statue were gripping a hammer, the weapon of Maxima. The hammer was made from dark brown wood instead of being carved to the stone like the other parts of the statue. Mumble often saw statues like that in the Temple of Cassiopeia; he never knew that her parents had one copy of the statue in their room. It was really similar with the one Mumble saw in the temple, unless the wooden hammer in its grip that seemed a bit smaller than it should be. 

Her father, Oboe, adored that God of Strength so much. He always said that the most important thing for a man is to be strong. That could be the answer why there was only the statue of Maxima instead of the statue of another Cassiopeia Gods. Somehow, Mumble always felt that her father over-enthusiasm toward Maxima is freakishly like a fan girl…

The statue looked at Mumble with its blank eyes. Mumble growled as she knew that she had been fooled by a dead statue. She pressed her back to the statue to help her stood by her feet, but her right hand slipped and pulled out the wooden hammer from the statue’s grip. Mumble was frozen instantly. She dropped the wooden hammer, but hurriedly caught it before it touched the floor. 
The statue of Maxima ^_^

“God! Father will kill me for sure!” Mumble scratched her hair, assumed that she had just broken the statue. She was in a big trouble. “Oh, how could I repair it?” Mumble was trying to return the hammer to the statue’s grip when she heard the sound of deep and long growl. The sound must not come from her stomach. Then with a squeaking sound, the statue slowly reverted.

“Whoa?! Wait!” Mumble grabbed the arms of the statue. When she blinked, she was not in her parent's bedroom anymore.

“What the?” She blinked once more in disbelieve.

There, in front of her was a dark long and narrow tunnel. She had one step further and suddenly the dark tunnel was lighten up by the in line torch along the wall. She was in a secret chamber. She was living in this home for about 17 years, but she never knew that her little sweet home concealed such a big secret like this. A lot of questions flowed over Mumble’s mind, why did her parents build something like this anyway?

She decided to go along the tunnel. Her heart beat so fast that she thought it is echoing along the tunnel. Where would the tunnel bring her? Would she find a hidden dungeon? Hidden treasure chest? Whatever she would found there, her instinct said that it must be more interesting secret. Mumble loved secret or everything smelled like adventure for her. But then she wondered how if she would find mysterious creature inside, a dragon, a three-headed dog, or maybe a large snake that could petrified her with its dangerous eyes? There was a little quarreling inside her heart, whether she would go on or just go back.

“Ok Mumble, just keep on walking or you will never know the truth!” she strengthened her heart before continuing her tracing. She mended her pace because she was afraid that her parents would back anytime.

The tunnel ended to a downward stone stair. She couldn’t see the stair because there was no light. Gulping, she took one torch from the wall and carefully went down along the stair.


Btw what was Mumble searching anyway??? Wait for the next post ;-)

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