[FANFIC] The Ultimate Fanfic by A Cassiopeia. Epic High: “Happy Feet SM Ent. Ver.”

An ancient tale tells…

Once upon a time…

There was a beautiful magical world that nobody can imagine, named
SM World. "SM" stood from Super Miracle. 

There were no war, no hunger, no sorrow.
What a perfect place…

The world was hidden behind the magical mist that protect it from the reach of outsiders. It was totally protected from the contamination of dirty desires.

That was a place where Elves__ the most beautiful race in the world__ dwelt happily and peacefully under the Holy Teach of Cassiopeia.

They sang, they played music, and they laughed everyday…
Knowing no other but happiness.

The way they live was just so simple:

“As long as there are musics of Cassiopeia,
peace will always be with us”

Music had been rooted in their blood vessel. They couldn't live without it. For them, music was like oxygen…

Mumble was a young elf that cannot sing and play music at all.
All she can to do was dancing and dancing.
However, nobody recognized her,
until there came the day that would change her destiny
and the SM world’s destiny…

One day she ran into SM Deep Forest to ease her sadness.
Then unintentionally she broke the seal that imprisoned
“The 9 Wicked Witches” sealed by Five Gods of Cassiopeia 500 years ago
Then the terror began…

The 9 Wicked Witches hated music
and they wanted to destroy it.
They cursed the whole SM World.
Changed that beautiful world into hell.
Suddenly all elves became mute.
Not only that, some of them mutated into horrible monsters with terrible voices.

The dark age of SM World began…
There was only one hope to save SM (Super Miracle) World…
Mumble felt responsible toward this tragedy.
She left SM Village, and began her journey to collect 13 Super Talisman
in order to seal The 9 Wicked Witches once again.
Fortunately, she was not alone. 

The Five Gods of Cassiopeia felt pity on her.
They sent Maxima—the God of Power to accompany Mumble along her journey.

They went to every the most dangerous place around SM World,
searched for their last hope: The Super Talisman.

Along her adventures, the 13 Sapphire Princes (the holder of 13 Super Talisman) will join her one by one.

Will Mumble be able to collect the 13 Super Talisman?

Will Mumble be able to save the world?

Join their adventure to save the world in the biggest epic along the SM World’s history…

Epick High:
“Happy Feet SM Ver.”

Super Junior
All of SM Town Family
Dedicated to:
All K-Pop Lovers 

End of Prologue

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