The Ultimate fanfic created by a Cassiopeia: Epick High: “Happy Feet SM Entertainment Ver.” CHAPITRE 2-1

Chapitre II: Dancing Out of the Age (1) 

Everybody was burst into hilarious. Those teenage elves gathered in front of the Cassiopeia Temple. Some of them made a group of choir and sang. The less other trained by them selves. That day was the most special day during the school time. They will prepare for Summer Concert. It was a music festival held every summer to praise the Gods of Cassiopeia and also to pray for a good harvest. The festival was also a kind of graduation ceremony for the young elves of the last grade. After joining the festival, they are considered mature enough and free to choose their own role in social life. 

For the younger elves like Flute, Mumble, and the other kids, the festival was a special moment to show how much they improve of musical skills after studying at the academy all this time. There is an unwritten agreement among them, that they who could perform the most impressive musical show will get the privileges to be the leader of all elf students, which means all teenage elves have to obey all of their words and wills. But above it all, what made every young elf trained so hard until their sweat made their clothes soaked to the bone was the courtesy to be the main singer at the Winter Music Festival, a holy ceremony to express the elves’ gratefulness to the Gods of Cassiopeia for the good harvest. 

However, all of that cheerfulness vaporized when an elf walked to them confidently. The elf walked calmly, ignoring the silenced elves around her as if she just passed a group of mute statues. 

“Mumble!” a beautiful little elf with highly pitch voice ran to her. She pulled Mumble’s hand step aside from the crowd. “What brings you here? I’m very glad to see that you’re fine after the incident yesterday.” said Flute with relieve. 

Mumble was her best friend ever after, no matter how terrible her voice was. Once when she was only 6 years old, Flute ever lost at the forbidden forest and no one but Mumble that had enough bravery to search her inside that dark forest. Flute became Mumble’s friend more for the kindness heart of Mumble. 

“Flute, I really need your help.” said Mumble cheerfully. 

“Just said it.” asked Flute, but deep inside her heart, she prayed that the favor wasn’t another weird one.

“I have a plan and…pssst…psst…psst…” Mumble whispered her idea to Flute’s ear.

“Are you sure, you will do ‘that’?” Flute’s big eyes stared at her friend. 

“Thaaat?” repeated Mumble. She frowned. “What?!” 

Flute tried to find a proper way to express her feeling, “You know that odd tip-tap dance…” 

Mumble laughed, “Oh, c’mon Flute! I thought you are different with the other. This is not odd, this is unique, extraordinary! Something nobody own but me!” She pulled at Flute’s grip then turned back. 

“No… Mumble! I just worry if Heebon sshi won’t like this.” said Flute hurriedly. 

Mumble reverted then held Flute’s hands, “That’s why I need your help, my little fellow. Believe me, nobody did this before. This will be the best perform this year!” Mumble tried to convince her best friend. “Unless you want me to do this all alone…” 

“No…no…no…! You’re my friend! The best of all! Do you think I will do such a thing?!” snarled Flute.  Mumble smiled widely and gave her best friend a very tight hug 

"But…” Flute seemed to be wary once again. “We only have a week before the audition…” 

“We still have seven days!” said Mumble quickly. “That’s more than enough if we really work hard.” 

Flute smiled and nodded her head. “You right. Now we have to prepare ourselves as soon as possible.” She clutched Mumble’s hands. “And you know…” she said with two garish eyes. “I think, Taku, my brother will give us his hand. 


Those close-friends back at the crowd at the right times when Ms. Heebon, their singing teacher got to the place.

“Atra esterni ono thelduin…” Flute and Mumble greeted Ms. Heebon together. Those words meant ‘May the stars guide you’ in Elferala (Elf’s language, but there are some called it ‘Elfish’). Then they bowed a bit, next they put their right point finger on their lips. That was the way the elves greet each other, and the younger must do it first if they met the older. 

Ms. Heebon was really beautiful though she was not too tall. She was not too thin, either not too fat, just in the middle. Her two wide eyes always looked clearly sparkled. Her long black wavy hair loosened on her back. But the most wonderful thing was her beautiful voice. Once you heard she sang, you will be dragged upon your most beautiful memories. She was also good in acting. She always played an important role in every play of Cassiopeia Memorial Festival, held by the Elf academy every year. If only she lived in the real life, Lee Soo Man of SM Entertainment would undoubtably give her special contract ^_^. Ms. Heebon was drinking her favorite a bottle of beverage branded M.I.L.K when those young elves appeared in front of her. She got choked. 

“Ahhkk…ohock…! Atra du evarinya ono varda…Flute…” Her eyes widened in curiosity, “…and Mumble?” The words she said was the return of the first greeting. It meant ‘May luck be with you’. She choked three times more then said, “Well…Mumble, what a surprise? Is there anything can I help?” 

Because almost all of her friends always mocked her, Mumble tended to leave the class earlier or even hookied. When the elves were preparing the Summer or Winter Concert, Mumble would not even showed her tip of the nose for a month. No wonder that her appearance now could make Ms. Heebon, the ex-primadona (the main singer at Summer and Winter Concert) for five years in a row, got choked until whoever saw her, would think that she wanted to spit out her throat. 

Flute answered it faster than Mumble did. “Ah yes, Heebon Svit Konna.We want ask a permit…” Svit konna is a honorable call for female elf

“A permit for?” Heebon frowned. 

Flute glanced to Mumble then answered the question, “We…want to follow the audition.” 

Heebon smiled but her expression turned alarmed. “But you’ve been registered already.” 

Flute cleared her throat, “Ehm…Didn’t you heard me saying…‘we’, Heebon Svit Konna?” 

Heebon’s expression now looked as if somebody turned on a red alert right in her ears. “Crestwood, you said…”

“We…Heebon Svit Konna…” repeated the Crestwood girl carefully. “Mumble and I will join the audition as one team.” 

There was a moment of silence for 20 minutes long… The cold wind shrilled suddenly…  And then the black crows scattered in the sky, cackled restlessly.

This is Miss Heebon. The former of girlband: M.I.L.K
She's so talented in acting ^_^


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