The Ultimate fanfic created by a Cassiopeia: Epick High: “Happy Feet SM Entertainment Ver.” CHAPITRE 1

Chapitre I: The Story Has Just Begun
(the day when an extraordinary elf born)

Every elf in SM Village,__ revised, every elf in the whole world believed that their blood and cell was formed from seven music scales. Elf’s laughing was a beautiful song, their scream were highly pitch falsetto, and their steps were the beat of music it self. Music couldn’t be separated from elf’s life. They couldn’t live without it. For them, music is like oxygen.

When one baby elf born to the world, they wouldn’t cry, instead they would sing or at least hum. However, every exception might work for every God’s creatures. You can mention three-eyed cow, hybrid-corn, Siamese twins, genius, autistic, etc as the examples. People usually call those phenomena as a unique or an oddity__ it depends on from which point of view you use. But when Mumblelina (does it sound like ‘Thumbelina?’) Nightingale born and screamed the most horrible voice that could make every elf heard it got temporary deaf for 3 minutes__ her parents (that had waited her born for 10 years) felt it as a disaster!

Even before the born of Mumble, her mother had believed that the baby in her pregnancy was an extraordinary baby. The baby’s kicks were so hard that her mother felt her stomach was hit by one-ton-weighed rock. It was enough to make her throw up 20 times a day.

“God! Just kill me! Kill me!” cried Ocarina__ the mother; every time she felt the ‘hell torture’ on her stomach before falling unconscious. However, finally Mumble born to world safely.

Oboe, the father, knelt down, put his forehead on the floor and sang the hymn. Praise to the 5 Gods of Cassiopeia for protecting his family. Ocarina hugged the baby carefully and presented her with thousands kiss of love__ forgetting that she wanted to kill herself many times before. Ocarina’s suffered and Oboe’s patience (to hear his wife cried ‘kill me-kill me’ every night) had been paid cash by the enchantment smile of the cute-sweet-little baby.

That little family had just thought that they were the most blessed elves on the earth…until the baby opened her mouth…

The cows stopped produced their milk. Hundreds birds fell down from the sky like a rain. The rabbits and the snakes hid themselves as deepest as they could underground. The bats flew out from their cave. All of the villagers thought that the X-Day had come to them… It just clear that ‘screaming baby elf’ must be the last thing the Nightingale couple wanted in their worst nightmare.

As months passed by, the Nightingale couple perforce their selves to act deaf towards the rumor flew upon their neighbors. “The Nightingale’s baby had been cursed”, “there was evil spirit obsessed their baby” or “the Gods must daydream while creating the baby” and blah blah blah…

Oboe and Ocarina had brought their single daughter to the most expert witch doctors in all over the SM land, forced little Mumble to drink various bitter mixed herbs for huge zero. Until finally they gave up, still the horrible voice couldn’t change much.

Time by the time Mumble grew to a cute energetic elf. Nothing could fulfill her curiosity. She always asked why something is this or how something become like that. Then she was very confused why wasn’t her voice as beautiful as the other elf children’s and why did every people always throw her “a killer stare” every time she tried to sing just like the others did. Like when the accident happened.
That day was a beautiful sunny day. A bunch of elf children gathered under the big willow tree. They made a beautiful hymn chorus. Every elf passed them would stop to hear the wafted angel voice on the air.

Kikasete…itoshiku hakanaku…
tsuma saki de kanaderu bolero…
Mai agare…kimi no kanashimi mo
iyasareru basho mitsukeru sa…

The crowd became bigger and bigger. Some of them went along with the sing. They praised for the music of Cassiopeia Gods blessed for them. Everything seemed to be fine until suddenly the peace was broken by a husky voice came with the sing. Some elves frowned, felt disturbed. The voice was so terrible. The sound like the sound you produced from your deepest throat when you got a severe fever for weeks. The choir sang louder but the terrible voice was much louder and covered their voice. They gave up then stopped angrily, felt so irritated. The elves thought that there were crows surround. But they found no crow, instead ‘the famous little elf’, Mumble. So this was the problem that broke everybody’s happiness. However, she kept ‘singing’, unrealized that now all eyes pointed on her. Finally she stopped because suddenly she felt uncomfortable frozen air surround her.

“You again?!” scolded an elf who was the member of the choir. She is a little elf with an arrogant expression. She went forward then urged Mumble until she fell down to ground. “Stop messing around and lock your mouth!”

Mumble grinned; her left hand was so painful supporting her body when she fell to ground. All elves looked her coldly and whispered each other, created humming sound like bees.

“Go away! Who wants you here? If you want to sing why don’t you burry yourself underground?!”

Some laughters came out among the crowd.

Mumble tried to stand up by her self (because it seems that nobody wanted to help her). The elf’s friend went forward one by one, stand in front of Mumble. She had just opened her mouth to response the attack until finally she realized that comparison of their number of power was unbalance. She bit her lips, holding back her tears. She didn’t want to show it to those rascals. Then she ran away. All she wanted that time was going away from that resentful place.

“Mumble!” a highly pitched voice called her name. It was Flute Crestwood__ one of Mumble’s childhood friends.

However, Mumble ignored the calling and kept running to her home near the forest. Inside her mother hug, then she cried as loud as she can. Releasing her painful.

At Mumble's home
“Nothing is created the same, Mumblelina…” said Ocarina, her mother softly. “Everything in this earth has their unique__ something that makes you different from the other.

“Do you mean that actually my voice is fine, Mother?” asked poor little Mumble and Ocarina nodded.
“But it seems not too fine for the other.” she sighed. “They hate my voice and they hate me because of that…because…because I’m different…too different.”

Ocarina touched her daughter’s head tenderly, “Listen this. You cannot hate someone just because he or she different from you. But yes, there are always some people who have narrow-minded…”

“You don’t understand!” cried Mumble. Her big eyes started flowing tears. “Mother, you don’t know how tiring to be different is. Nobody has the same terrible voice like me…”

“And nobody can run as fast as you can, Kid. Nobody can stand underwater as long as you can. Nobody can jump as high as you can” cut Ocarina while smiling.

A small smile appeared on Mumble’s lips. “I’m the best in sport.” She got back her confidence.

“Besides, I really like your voice, Mumble.”

Mumble’s eyes turned bigger.

Ocarina nodded her head once again and look directly to her daughters as a sign that she is really serious with her words. “Because wherever you are, I will always know that it is your voice.”

Both of them burst into a loud laughter. “But mother what will you do if everybody wants you to be able to do something while you can’t?” asked Mumble after they stopped laughing.

“What will I do?” Ocarina thought for a little while then smiled and winked one of her eyes. “I will try to do something different, something unique that will make them amazed because nobody can do that but me.”

"Nothing is better than having a mom like you, Mom..." Mumble smiled again. Now she knows what she must to do. This time they would recognize her! (tsuzuku…)

Wait for the next Chapter: Dancing Out of The Age. Hey...hey...! Two Suju's members will first appear in this chapter. Guess who are they...Hehehehe...

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