The Ultimate fanfic created by a Cassiopeia: Epick High: “Happy Feet SM Town Ver.” CHAPITRE 2-2

(The Day When I Met The Mysterious Wanderers)

There is the sound of tabla and drum incessantly heaved from the forest. Taku, a young elf boy hit his percussion instrument energetically. Mumble danced, following the beat of the drum. Her hands swung fast around her body. Her steps were really agile and difficult to be imitated. So far, she was the only elf could do such a thing.

Left to right: Flute Crestwood, Mumble Nightingale, Taku Crestwood

After some intro, Flute jumped and landed in front of Mumble. She start singing,

Song: Rising Sun, by DBSK



Haneureul hyanghae gan nah eui noonmoolro mandeun beega!
daejee eh naeryuhdo sehwureh bagheen nae apeumeul sseesuhgado!

Suddenly Mumble cried.

“NOOOOOO! “ (This is like when Max Changmin cried in the Rising Sun Music Video ^^)

Flute frowned, but she tried to ignore it and continued her rap,
yongsuh naegehn juldaejugeen sachee...

Again, Mumble cried like a thunder,


All animals in the forest screamed noisily. The birds flew from their nests because they were so shock. The deers jumped upon the grass, ran fast to get away from that place.

Flute sang even louder,

pyojuk ubsuh nalagan geereul eeleun boonno...


Now the animals no matter how big they were, all scattered on the land, water, and air. That kind of behavior only happened when there would be earthquake or other natural disaster. What a strange phenomenon!

nah, meeryun gateun malro geedo haneun sogjwee...


Even, the sound of Taku’s percussion couldn’t cover it. The power of Mumble’s scream was really unbeatable! Taku stopped hitting his percussion because he couldn’t stand hearing that powerful sound. Flute stopped singing also. Both of them closed their ears tightly with their hands. Mumble was still screaming.

“Mumble! Please stop!” Taku and Flute cried in unison.

Mumble pulled out, she turned her body and found Flute and Taku was kneeling down the ground with pain expression on their face.

Mumble ran to her friends with guilty face. “I’m sorry… Did I do it again? I just couldn’t stand closing my mouth while I felt my sense of music burst out…”

“For Cassiopeia’s sake! That was as powerful as always, wasn’t it Mumble sshi? I thought the volcano was exploding!” Taku tried to make a joke. He smiled widely.

Mumble was sullen, “You’re not having any purpose of giving compliment, are you?!” Her grumble made Taku’s smile lost immediately.

“I didn’t mean to…”

“Whatever! We’ve done it 10 times but we are still going nowhere! I’m certainly a terrible suck!” Mumble cut sharply then ran into the deep forest. Her friends tried to stop her, but she was too fast for them. Taku and Flute looked at each other then let out their deep breath at the same time.

“Actually she is a talented dancer, indeed. Nobody could be like her. It’s undoubted.” said Taku, scratching his brown messy hair. “Her main problem is not her voice obviously. It is her confidence and the way she control her emotion.”

Flute sighed, “You know she has been in hard times since she was only a baby, Taku.”

Taku did out his percussion instruments, “Well but how could the other like her if she can’t love herself?” 

When he lifted his head, he realized that Flute was walking into the deep. He fell down all of his instruments and caught up his only elder sister directly. “Where do you think you’re going?! It’s really dangerous inside! The Elders have forbidden everybody not to go inside this forest!”

“So, we have to find her as soon, before she troubled herself!” Flute insisted. “That what she had done when I was trapped there, don’t you remember?”

Taku scratched his hair furiously. When Flute walked again, he hurriedly hid his percussion among the bush then ran accompanying his sister.


Deep in the forest, Mumble was dancing alone. The sound of the wheezing wind and rustling leaves composed the rhythms and the beats along with her every step. She jumped and rolled around just like a white feather blown by the wind. She bit her lips, tried to hold something that almost exploded from inside. But as long as she kept dancing, her lips couldn’t hold that feeling anymore. Mumble couldn’t help to open her mouth then softly, a line of song slid out from her mouth...

Song: Survivor by DBSK

Every time everyday…ima daremo ga survivor…
Looking for everywhere…kono jitai ni don’t give up…
Koko kara tachi agate…hikari sagashite…
chance ni kaeyou…isshouni let’s try…
Kokoro ni one smile…mitsuketara shine on me
two smiles kasanetara shine on me
sekai ni kagayaku youni…smile…smile…iki nuku survivor

But then she realized how terrible her voice was. Even the cackled of the crows would sound better. Mumble felt her throat itchy, as she kept singing the song. She remembered that almost all of her friends adored that song so much and it really sounded good when they sang it in choir. But from her throat, the song just sounded as a nightmare for whoever hears her singing. She was out of breath then felt to the ground on her knees. Her knees were in pain and blooded but she wounded more in her heart.

“Suck!” she grumbled while a shed of tears trickled down through her cheeks one by one. Her palms formed a fist, and then she hit the ground desperately, cursing her own voice. “Gods! You’re really treating me unfairly! Why did you create me like this?! This is unfair! Why?! Why??!!” she cried hysterically. “Chance ni kaeyou isshouni let’s try’? What bullshit! With this voice, I even have no one chance!” she sobbed.

Suddenly a beautiful voice played along the air. It is the sound of string. The song was so beautiful ‘till Mumble forgot all of her pained heart immediately. Mumble stood up. Then a husky and deep voice sang along the forest. Mumble felt like an eternal calm ruled her heart. She was wondering who was sing such a beautiful song in a deep forest like this.

Song: My Little Princess by Dbsk

Sarangigejyo, iron naemaumun sumgiryo haedo gumsae ibgaen misoman
Harudo andwae, ddo bogoshipojyo ojjojyo, nae mamun gipun byonge gollingor
Geurun nae musub ijen obsur goyeyo
Johun goman boyojugo shipungoryo
Jogi nopun hanullo naraga saranghandago sesange marhallae
Gipun bamhanure ggojiji ahnun girl
Nomanur jiginun binanun byori dwergeyo
You're my love

Along with the blowing wind then suddenly the singing stopped. Mumble felt a bit disappointed then tried to look for the source of the voice. The same husky voice now greeted her.

“Why do you cry, My Little Princess?”

Very surprised, Mumble gazed up to the high trees above. She believed that the mysterious voice came from above, but she didn’t see anything but the branches and the leaves. She suddenly felt frightened. She once heard that this forest was forbidden because of the evil spirits possessed it. Is she now facing one of them?

Then Mumble felt a cold wind blew her back. She turned around immediately and found a mysterious tall guy stood there. His tall figure was covered by a tight dark leather suit. He wore a gray cloak and hood that made his face can’t be seen. What a strange look. Mumble wondered why this guy wore such a thick clothes in this hottest summer day.

Zhoumi, as the elder mysterious wanderer

That mysterious guy opened his hood, revealing his obvious handsome face. He smiled to Mumble. But still the elf girl kept aware. Her mother often told her that she shouldn’t easily trust a stranger. Especially the one who had a really suspicious look and call her as “My Little Prince”. What the hell is wrong with his mind?!

That guy suddenly laughed very loud. Mumble thought maybe she was facing a crazy man and started planning some defensive actions like running or maybe kicking. Maybe running will be much better, since that guy is much taller than her…

“What are you laughing at?!” Mumble tried to sound as rough as she could.

The guy kept laughing even louder. “What? What am I laughing at? You, of course!”

“What do you mean?!” snarled Mumble.

“Oh come on! Stop acting as if I’m a monster or a bad guy to be kicked.” the guy sighed.

“I don’t know…” said Mumble. “I never saw you before.”

The guy smiled. “Of course. We are adventurers. We just passed by.”

“We?” Mumble frowned. “But you’re just all alone?”

As Mumble finished her sentence, another guy drifted down like a falling leave and landed softly besides her.

“WHOAAA!!!” Mumble was so shocked that she tumbled down immediately. That guy gave his right hand to help Mumble but she slapped it hard then jumped back and made a fight pose.

“I’m sorry…” said that guy. He walked approach but Mumble took more steps backward.

“Nah, you’ve been too much!” said the first guy.

“Well I just want to greet her…”

The new guy was also unusually handsome as the first guy had. However, the first guy's face was looked maturer than the new guy. Maybe he was the younger one. Mumble then realized that the new guy was bringing a violin in his left hand. So he must be the one who played that beautiful string melody.

Henry, as the younger mysterious wanderer. The String Guy XD

“Please forgive us if we had shocked you. Especially him.” said the first guy. “Let me introduce ourselves so you don’t need to mistrust us anymore. I’m Zhoumi and this string guy is my brother, Henry Lau.

Both of the them bow their body to Mumble. Since they’ve been so polite, Mumble didn’t show any defensive gesture anymore. “I’m Mumble. My village is over there from this forest. What brings you here, Guys? Are you coming for our Summer Festival?”

“Summer Fest?” Zhoumi’s and Henry’s eyes looked shine brightly. “Well that must be lovely but no, we come for another reason.” Zhoumi stepped closer. “Do you know well about this place?”

“Uh…” Mumble felt awkward when that cool guy closed his face to her, “I think so… I’ve been always playing here since I was so little.”

“Hmm.. so you must be able to help us.” Zhoumi showed his charisma smile again. He looked at Henry and Henry threw his meaningful sight. Zhoumi looked at Mumble again. “Listen, we are looking for a Goddess. A Goddess that can make people’s dream comes true…”

Mumble’s eyes become bigger and bigger.

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