Hotaru no Wisewords: IF...

 Once upon a night, a little girl who couldn't sleep that night, decided to went out to her house field. In the darkness she felt more and more lonely. There suddenly beneath the pot of her mother's Marigold, she saw a small bug radiated greenish light. It's a firefly! She went to greet the firefly. She never saw one for real before.

The girl     : Firefly, you're so small...yet you can radiate light... I...

The firefly : What? You wanna be like me? 

The girl     : Well, if...

The firefly : If there is no if. If an if were a sin... That's not good, you know. To keep saying if you were what you are not. If you had what you don't have.

The girl    : But why? I'm just playing with my imagination... Doesn't God create brain for human to think? To have their imagination... as high as they can? 

The firefly: Well... seems you don't understand yet. Do you have anything to pursue in this life?

The girl   : In this life? I just wanna to be happy... That's it.

The firefly: What kind of happiness?

The girl   : Umm... THAT kind of happiness. What are you talking about?

The firefly: Seems that you don't even understand the basic thing. The most important thing. 

The girl  : Is it wrong? To live for pursuing happiness?

The firefly: No. Just what kind of happiness? There is that happiness and there is that happiness. It depends on. So what kind of happiness do you want?

The firefly then whisper to the girl's right ear (do you know that a firefly could only live for a week? Now do you still wanna to be me?"

Every little thing in this world has their own role... Nothing is useless. Nothing
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